Facials and Eye Treatments

A wide range of relaxing, therapeutic and cosmetic facials is available for you to enjoy in the secure knowledge that the extensive experience available at the Lynn Williams Clinic will guarantee the most beneficial treatments.

Classic Manual Facial

Includes thorough steam cleansing, exfoliation and mask. Ideal as a quick pick-me-up or when time is limited. A perfect introduction to facials and skincare.

Luxury Facial

A luxurious deep cleansing and nourishing facial which increases the penetration of nutrients and includes the benefit of a relaxing massage to the face, neck and shoulders.

Problem Skin Facial

A specialised facial to combat all the problems associated with an excessive oily or acne type skin, including blocked oil ducts, skin thickening and reddening. This facial is best given as a course of treatments.

Liftosome Facial

Smoothes the features and visibly relaxes the face, leaving the skin unbelievably firm. The Guinot™ setting mask increases the penetration of the firming agents.


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Cathiodermie Facial

Supported by the exclusive use of Guinot™ professional products, these facials have become well established as the crème de la crème of facials. The treatment uses gentle galvanic and high frequency massage to release specialised preparations which tone and firm the tissues. This then gives the complexion a healthy, balanced and freshly moisturised appearance.

Super Cathiodermie Facial

A luxurious 3 in 1 facial, enhancing the basic Cathiodermie especially to solve the specific aging problems associated with the most delicate areas of the face, eyes and neck.

Glycolic Acid Facial

A treatment facial of value to all skin types. Glycolic acid promotes exfoliation of dead skin cells and leaves the skin rejuvenated and nourished. Use of MD formulations™ homecare product essential prior to salon treatment.

Fundamental Skincare Instruction

Understanding and following the basic rules of skincare is essential to any clear and glowing skin. Free with any facial.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial

Reduces puffiness and congestion in tissues using manual and microcurrent technology to brighten a sluggish complexion.

Tissue Regeneration Facial

Restores vitality and tone to aging and dehydrated tissues. Using microcurrent stimulation achieves dramatic results.

Non-surgical Face Lifting

This highly sophisticated technique offers a completely natural and safe alternative to surgery. Over a course of 12 relaxing treatments you will experience a strengthening of the tissues, a refining of texture, a softening of fine lines and wrinkles and a more youthful appearance.

Eye Treatments

Being the focal point of the face, bright and lively eyes always attract attention.
Tinting lashes and brows gives extra depth of colour to enhance their sparkle whilst tidy, well shaped brows gives the final definition.
Perming lashes will give the extra curve and lift to open and flatter the eye shape. Optimum results are achieved when tinted as well.
A patch test will be necessary to eliminate any risk of allergic reaction.
For ultimate eye enhancement why not try semi-permanent make up?

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